Dublin City Interfaith Forum

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World Refugee Day 2017 – Interfaith Readings

DCIF marked the World Refugee Day 2017 with Interfaith Readings and Prayers remembering those who lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Ramadan Mubarak!

DCIF wishes to all our Muslim friends a blessed and peaceful Ramadan!

Break fast together 4 dialogue and friendship!

Open Iftar 2017 creates bridges between
individuals, brings together communities and fosters interfaith dialogue during the month of Ramadan. Further details on Events tab!

Organising intercultural and interreligious activities – A toolkit for local authorities

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe developed a toolkit developed aiming to inform local and regional authorities more effectively about promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue. To download the toolkit please click Resources tab.

DCIF Calls for Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees on Eve of St Patrick’s Day

At this special time we remind ourselves of some of the tenets of the Dublin City Interfaith Charter as we stand in solidarity with refugees and migrants.

Creating inclusive communities 
where all belong and contribute

Dublin City Interfaith Forum is a network of people from different Faith Communities in Dublin. Our aim is to create awareness and dialogue through relationships that nurture harmony, respect and understanding.

Supporting and organising interfaith gatherings and activities in Dublin City.

DCIF seeks to provide the space and opportunity for Faith Communities to build relationships with and between Dublin City communities, statutory and voluntary organisations and the residents of Dublin City.


Dublin City Interfaith Forum’s series of exploratory sessions of faith and culture, ‘Faith In The City’, continues with a visit at the Dublin Baha’i Centre! Click on events tab for further details!

Launch of Dublin City Interfaith Charter

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr launched today the newly adopted Charter of the Dublin City Interfaith Forum at a reception in the Mansion House. To download document please click on resources tab.

Launch of Waterford Interfaith Forum

DCIF is delighted to support the Launch of Waterford Interfaith Forum and wishes the group every success in the future

Working and networking with and within many World Faiths present in Dublin City.

Dublin City Interfaith Forum draws its membership from the following Faiths currently active in Dublin City: Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

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