Dublin City Interfaith Forum


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Alison Wortley

Alison is former secretary National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Ireland

Alison is a Medical Scientist by profession and a former Secretary General of the Baha’i Community in Ireland.
She has worked in the area of community building and the promotion of religious tolerance for many years.
Alison is the current Treasurer of Dublin City Interfaith Forum.

Colm Reilly

Maitrikaya Dharmachari

Maitrikaya Dharmachari is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and is based at the Dublin Buddhist Centre.

Michael O’Sullivan

Director – Columban Missions

Sr Sheila Curran

Justice Coordinator for the Association of Leaders of Missionaries and Religious of Ireland (AMRI)

Sheila Curran RSM, is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy and the Justice Coordinator for the Association of Leaders of Missionaries and Religious of Ireland (AMRI) She holds a Doctorate in Practical Theology, an MA in Biblical Studies and an MA in Equality Studies. Prior to working in AMRI Sheila worked in Peru, in South America for many years.

Most Revd Dr Michael Jackson

Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Glendalough.

Dr Jackson was deaconed in 1986 and ordained a priest in 1987. He served his curacy in Zion Parish, Dublin, and lectured at Trinity College and the Church of Ireland Theological College (now Institute) before taking up the post of College Chaplain at Christ Church College, Oxford, from 1989 to 1997. From 1997 to 2002, he was Incumbent of St Fin Barre’s Union and Dean of Cork. Dr Jackson also plays an active role in the wider Anglican Communion, especially in the areas of ecumenism and inter–faith dialogue. He was elected Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Glendalough and was enthroned in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin on 8 May 2011.

Damian Jackson

Damian is from Dublin, a member of the Adelaide Road congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. The focus of his PhD study is in migration and integration, specifically how different influences (popular culture, media, government, faith background) compete and combine in our unconscious in the formation of our attitudes to people of other cultural and faith backgrounds. He also likes cycling, photography and is a keen tennis fan!

Julian Hamilton

Chaplain, Trinity College Dublin.

John Mathews

Treasurer and member of Indian Orthodox Church in Ireland

John is serving as the Parish Secretary to the Indian Orthodox Church in Dublin. He traveled across the republic to identify the community and encouraged the community to come together and organized few other churches of the Indian Orthodox Community in Ireland.

He works closely with the Network of Orthodox Churches in Dublin and is a member of the Dublin Council of Churches. He worked closely with the Parish Integration Project and maintains contacts with various Indian Organizations, Clubs and the Embassy of India.

Pastor Dare Adetuberu

Principal of RCCG’s Bible College in Ireland.

Pastor Dare Adetuberu is a senior pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, an eminent scholar and theologian. He’s the incumbent Principal of RCCG’s Bible College in Ireland.