Dublin City Interfaith Forum


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      17 December
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John Mathews

Treasurer and member of Indian Orthodox Church in Ireland

John is serving as the Parish Secretary to the Indian Orthodox Church in Dublin. He traveled across the republic to identify the community and encouraged the community to come together and organized few other churches of the Indian Orthodox Community in Ireland.

He works closely with the Network of Orthodox Churches in Dublin and is a member of the Dublin Council of Churches. He worked closely with the Parish Integration Project and maintains contacts with various Indian Organizations, Clubs and the Embassy of India.

Pastor Dare Adetuberu

Principal of RCCG’s Bible College in Ireland.

Pastor Dare Adetuberu is a senior pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, an eminent scholar and theologian. He’s the incumbent Principal of RCCG’s Bible College in Ireland.

Deepak Inamdar

Member of Hindu Cultural Centre of Ireland

Deepak is now retired from Irish Civil Service. He worked in different capacities with various organisations, community and others viz. India Club, EU’s Migrant Forum, National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism (NCCRI), Know Racism, etc. He is representing Hindu Cultural Centre Ireland (HCCI).”

Swami Purnananda

Spiritual director and founder of the Éire Vedanta Society.

Swami Purnananda has been a Vedanta monk of the Ramakrishna/Vivekananda tradition for many years. The Swami is well versed in Vedanta and Yoga philosophy and practice and is currently the spiritual director and founder of the Éire Vedanta Society in Ireland and president of the United Cultural Institute in Zimbabwe.

Melanie Brown

Member of Dublin Hebrew Congregation

Hilary Abrahamson

Member of Jewish Progressive Community

Hilary is very interested in interfaith dialogue and getting involved in organising interfaith events. She enjoys learning and engaging with other cultures and faith traditions and works tirelessly within her own community to promote dialogue and understanding of other faiths.

Shaheen Ahmed

PR–Coordinator of the Islamic Cultural Centre

Shaheen Ahmed, originally from Pakistan, has lived in Dublin since 1981. Naturalised as an Irish citizen in 1984, Shaheen has worked tirelessly for Muslim integration in Ireland over the last 30 years. Holding positions such as President of the Pakistan Welfare and Cultural Association of Ireland, PR–Coordinator of the Islamic Cultural Centre and General Secretary of the Muslim Primary Education Board, Shaheen has worked extensively with successive governments and various bodies on behalf of the Islamic community.
Educated first at Islamia College Civil Lines and Punjab University Lahore in Pakistan, Mr Ahmed holds an MBA from the Michael Smurfit College of Business in UCD. He comes from a strong sporting background, having played competitive badminton in Pakistan, Germany and Ireland, as well as top cricket for a number of Irish teams.
Shaheen Ahmed is a family man, with an Irish wife and four children.

Mudafar Al Tawash

Administrator, Islamic Foundation of Ireland

Mudafar Al Tawash has a doctorate in agricultural science and is a graduate of UCD. He worked in relief and development area. He likes to travel, meet and help people worldwide. Mudafar is a practising Muslim and interested to work with minority communities. He likes swimming, walking and travelling.

Sakinah – Ghizala Syed

Member of Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre

Sakinah is a born Again Muslim. After researching the three Abrahamic faiths, she fell in love with Islam. The identity she attaches to herself is that she is a human being living on planet earth and a muslim[one who submits to God]. Her vision the future is of a World without borders. Sakinah has been involved in hosting Interfaith events for several years now with the goal to promote an understanding of the three Abrahamic faiths and to show the many similarities in history and faith that we share.

Imam Jameel Mutoola

Imam, Dublin City Mosque, Talbot Street, Dublin 1

Jameel is the Imam to Anwar–E– Madina, the City’s first mosque on the northside and also, the first Sufi mosque in the State. Interfaith dialogue and action was part of Jameel’s life in his native Mauritius and now he relishes the opportunity to be a member of the Dublin City Interfaith Forum and engage with people from different faiths and cultures.