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      21 September
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Wednesday 16th September 2015

All faiths, Bahà'í, Buddhism, Christian, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Integration, Mutuality, Pluralism, Respect

The Refugees Crises: Coordinated efforts and National Strategy needed

Press Release

The Refugees Crises: Coordinated efforts and National Strategy needed

The Muslim Community of Ireland deeply appreciates and commends the Governmental efforts to deal with this refugee crisisand its decision to welcome thousands of Syrian refugees to Ireland under “Relocation and Resettlement” programmes.

In these difficult times, the Muslim Community of Ireland would like to assure the Government of its full support and cooperation in order to shape a cohesive national approach to deal with this grave situation, which could escalate.

Further to a brief meeting, we, the representatives of Major Muslim organizations in Ireland, express our solidarity with the Government and are eager to assist in shaping a national strategy, to deal with the immediate and long term needs of refugees within given resources.

We salute and applaud the positive attitude of the people of Ireland and that of the humanitarian organizations for their continuing support offered in accommodating the displaced and distressed refugees.

We also deeply feel the sufferings of the families and individuals who had to flee their homes looking for a safe haven.

To do this, the “Muslim Advisory Committee for Refugees” (MACR) has been set up, whose roles include the provision of advice, consultation and support to the relevant authorities, organizations and to liaise with the Muslim organizations in Ireland in launching effective local initiatives to provide all types of required support and assistance to the refugees locally.


Dublin, 15th September 2015

Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland

Islamic Foundation of Ireland

Muslim Association of Ireland

Cork Islamic Cultural Centre

Galway Islamic Cultural Centre

Waterford Islamic Cultural Centre

Rahman Foundation Portlaoise

Dundalk Muslim Community

Islamic Welfare Association of Ireland

Mullingar Islamic Cultural Society

Clondalkin Muslim Centre

Media Link

Summayah Kenna             Mobile: 087 212 9177        Email:Summayah@islamireland.ie

Mudafar Al–Tawash           Mobile: 085 788 9831        Email:admin@islaminireland.com