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World Refugee Day – Prayers

A resource for prayers and reflections in memory of those who paid the ultimate price while fleeing persecution and injustice.

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Dublin City Interfaith Forum Constitution

Based on the initial Terms of Reference for Dublin City Interfaith Forum, the Constitution drafted early January 2013 very clearly the purpose, activities and organisation of Dublin City Interfaith Forum.

Directory of Faith Communities in Dublin City

A directory of faith communities based within Dublin City Council administrative area,these communities are often fluid and thus this directory represents a snapshot of the tapestry of faiths from November 2010–May 2011. This list is not, and will never be exhaustive.

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A Journey Together – A resource for Christian Muslim Dialogue

The new Resource; “A Journey Together” defines what cooperation and dialogue between members of the two faiths aims to achieve and why it is necessary here in Ireland. It also provides practical information on how members of both faiths living in our local communities can come to know each other as, neighbours, friends and work colleagues.

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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2013

Once a year, Christians become aware of the great diversity of ways of worshipping God. Hearts are touched, and people realize that their neighbours’ ways are not so strange.

The event that touches off this special experience is called the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Traditionally celebrated between 18–25 January, the Week of Prayer enters into congregations and parishes all over the world. Pulpits are exchanged, and special ecumenical worship services are arranged.

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Integration and Interfaith: Faith/City Engagement in a Multicultural Context

The first report of Dublin City Interfaith Forum documents the journey so far and highlights the significant contribution faith communities can make towards integration and social cohesion.

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Buddhist Faith In the City – Triratna Buddhist Community

An introduction to basic concepts of Buddhism from the Triratna Buddhist Community’s understanding of the teachings of the Buddha.

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Methodist Faith In the City

A brief history of the Methodist faith in Ireland with a focus on the work of Dublin Central Mission in Lower Abbey Street

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Mission and Religious Pluralism

Religious pluralism presses even on local congregations in today’s world. Here in East Tennessee, surely in the Bible Belt, a hospital chaplain can expect that most patients and their families will want a Protestant minister’s
attention. But some of the doctors serving in the hospital in our city are Hindu or Muslim.

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Accept Pluralism

The Embodiment of Tolerance in Discourses and Practices addressing Cultural and Religious Diversity in the Political Sphere in Ireland.
4. National Case Studies – Political Life
Final Country Reports